Medieval atmosphere: Sweden, Vadstena

Sweden can be admired endlessly and the beautiful city Vadstena is a vivid proof of it. We decided to explore new interesting places in the vicinity of Motala to diversify our leisurely vacation in the Swedish hinterland. After 40 minutes of driving, we found ourselves in a real fairy tale. I can’t believe that people live here and have an ordinary everyday routine: everything is so bright, cute, and looks like a toy.

The main attractions of the city are the old Vadstena Castle, created in the Renaissance as a Royal residence, and the Monastery of Saint Bridget. Besides these, in Vadstena you can find a lot of interesting museums, galleries, and shops with strange plants, souvenirs, and interior items. There are also enough typical European cafes with open verandas in the city, so after a walk through the medieval castle and narrow, paved streets, you can relax with a cup of coffee in a cozy place for locals.

One day was enough for us to go around all the charms of the city: to look into the courtyard of the castle, to enjoy the beauty of the Lake Vattern, to visit the exhibition dedicated to the theme of birds, to find the most beautiful corners, and of course, to take pictures at every door (yes, they are just amazing here).

Vadstena fascinates from the first seconds, taking tourists to the medieval past, but at the same time reminding of the progressive modernity with its new-fangled yachts in the port and bright facades.

And again, I do not get tired of noticing the details that the Swedes pay special attention to. In Vadstena you can not leave the feeling that you are walking through the Garden of Eden surrounded by fragrant flowers. If you turn off the streets packed with tourists into the courtyard of someone’s house, you can stumble onto a real oasis, reminiscent of the scenery for the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. Coming here from a large and bustling metropolis, it’s hard to believe that people can live such a quiet and secluded life, enjoying simple little things.

Vadstena is a city filled with history, works of art, unique buildings of the XVI century, and its magical atmosphere. The idea of coming here on a summer day was perfect and allowed us to relax from the hustle and feel the true charm of provincial Sweden.


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