July in Stockholm

Nikita and I have dreamed of visiting Scandinavia for a very long time. Although, I didn’t pin high hopes on Stockholm specifically and was almost sure this city wouldn’t surprise me. But now I can confidently say that I have never been so wrong. Sweden in general, and in Stockholm in particular, is an absolute love! It’s a totally different world: beautiful, peaceful, and carefree. Moreover, here in Sweden I finally had an opportunity to meet my beloved mom, whom I have not seen for the last half-year, and to spend an unforgettable part of the summer with family.

Arriving in Skavsta Airport, we headed to the lovely and quiet area of Akalla, from where our acquaintance with the Stockholm began. In the first couple of days, we explored the city within our area, which contains everything that is needed for a comfortable lifestyle, including eco-parks, lakes, shops, malls, sports grounds, cafes, golf clubs, and more.

Once all the roads in our lovely neighborhood were passed, we finally set off to get to know the heart of the city. As always, we did not follow any guide, and just wandered the streets, constantly amazed at the beauty and aesthetics around. 

Stockholm is located on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. Gamla Stan, or simply Old Town, is a small island in the center of Stockholm, which is the most popular tourist area. Here you can find many antique shops, cozy cafes, and restaurants. 

Each island is connected to another by subway lines, which is perhaps the main feature of the city. One day, a team of local artists decided to transform the gray and boring subway walls into something fantastic. And they did it! Now the Stockholm subway looks like a movie set or an exhibition hall. There are paintings, sculptures, unique murals, and even ivy-entwined fountains. Too beautiful! We were especially impressed by T-Centralen, Akalla, Solna Centrum, Hallonbergen, and Kungsträdgården stations.

We sincerely and forever fell in love with Scandinavia. Truth, we had such a beautiful time together, made some unforgettable memories, and had so much fun along the way. Fortunately, our journey through Sweden did not end there, and after an amazing week spent in Stockholm, we headed further to the provincial little town of Motala, which you can learn more about in the next post.

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