Exploring Sweden: Omberg Ecopark and more

To continue the story about my June trip to Sweden, I want to share a few more amazing locations that we managed to visit, discovering a picture of another Sweden — more profound, majestic, and real.

Omberg Ecopark

To diversify our cozy holiday in the village, we went to the Omberg Ecopark, which is located in the Western part of the East Gothland district, between the lakes Vattern and Takern. Oh, how beautiful it is! The reserve is really huge, so you should spend a whole day or even two there. However, for the sake of mind-blowing view, we had to travel a long way up the off-road, simultaneously escaping from a huge number of wasps and bees, which were constantly tangled in my hair. Nevertheless, the difficulties were justified, as we were lucky enough to see the proud Nordic nature of Sweden from a bird’s eye view and the raging waves of a giant lake breaking on rough cliffs.

Yet again we were convinced that Sweden is incredibly diverse. There everyone can find what they like: hidden villages among forests and fields, mountain lakes, waterfalls, big cities, and very small ones, but no less interesting. However, the mountains definitely do not remain anyone indifferent, especially those who have at least once climbed to the top, even if it was not very high.

Estate Of Ellen Kay

On the way back, we also visited the estate of the Swedish writer Ellen Kay, which was built in 1911. The estate, the garden, and the adjacent beach have been preserved in an authentic form. There are even sketches of an architectural project, designed by Ellen herself, hanging at the entrance.

Ruins of the Alvastra Abbey

But this is not all. As soon as we left the reserve a little way down the mountain, I saw a huge field of poppies, and just behind it the fantastic ruins of the ancient monastery of Alvastra. I had never heard of these amazing places before, and it was great to stumble across them like that. Perhaps, the most important happiness of travel is making big and small discoveries.

In general, we can talk about Sweden for hours, as well as explore its most interesting corners. But it is better for everyone to add this country to their list of upcoming trips and enjoy these emotions personally.

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  • Очень красочный рассказ и впечатляющие фотографии. Хочется все это увидеть своими глазами.

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