Autumn vibes from Slovakia

This fall we were lucky enough to visit Slovakia for the first time and now I am ready to share my impressions with you. Frankly, we never considered this country as the main destination of our trip, and the decision to go there was quite spontaneous. We had a couple of free weeks in November and our friends invited us to visit tiny and cozy Presov, where our acquaintance with autumn Slovakia began.

Slovakia is a small country, lost somewhere between the Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary, completely covered with hills and forests. The two main reasons why you should go to Slovakia are mountains and castles. In my mind, autumn is an ideal time to visit this country, which is filled with a warm, cinematic atmosphere as the leaves turn yellow.


As I said, our first stop in Slovakia was Presov, the tiny city located on the slopes of the High Tatras. One of the advantages of the city is that the most interesting places, including churches, temples, shops, and cafes, are concentrated on the main street and you can have a lovely walk in these gorgeous surroundings for a couple of hours. To be honest, at some point, our vacation turned into a coffee tour. We constantly moved from one coffee shop to another and decided to make a list of the best places where you can drink excellent coffee and hang out with a company. So, if you are planning a trip to this city, take a look at the following places:

  • Libresso Books & Coffee. I just fell in love with the atmosphere, the interior, and the concept of this place where we loved to hang for hours. This cafe is combined with a library and coworking. It is very convenient for those who want to enjoy a cup of coffee, take a quick bite, and read a book. Moreover, this cafe hosts interesting lectures and other events for everyone every night.
  • Saint Coffee. Stylish interior, a large selection of drinks and desserts. Here I first tasted a matcha latte.
  • Christiania. Soft light, unusually decorated space, a wide selection of drinks, and local dishes.


On the second day of our stay in the country, we decided to go to Kosice, the second-largest city in Slovakia. We learned that this medieval city was the most important center of trade, crafts, culture, and education for centuries. Attractions here, as in most European cities, are located in the central square. The Cathedral of St. Elisabeth, St. Urban Tower, The Chapel of St. Michael, a park with a singing fountain – all these places we went around in just an hour. And of course, after a walk, we went to drink coffee, first in one cafe, then in another one and another, so again I will share a couple of the best coffee houses in the city:

  • San Domenico Caffe. The best place for breakfast: a very stylish and cozy interior, natural light, excellent service, and an amazing menu. Banana bread with Nutella and marzipan is my love forever.
  • Halmi Place. For me personally, this cafe is an absolute copy of the Civil Coffee Bar in St. Petersburg, Russia. The concept, atmosphere and even the menu are very similar. Halmi Place is a very photogenic place where you want to photograph every corner. A nice bonus is also a wonderful balcony overlooking the main street of the city.


Another city that managed to make a good impression on us is the tiny, charming Bardejov with a unique historical center and 14th-century architecture. By the way, Bardejov is included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. The main attraction of this amazing medieval town is the Town Hall Square, surrounded by Gothic buildings made during the Renaissance. It is not surprising that Bardejov is called the most beautiful city in Slovakia.

To be honest, all the cities in Slovakia are very similar. Nevertheless, this country will find something to surprise you. Despite the fact that Slovakia cannot boast of the scale of cities, the scale of nature here is really impressive. For this reason, this point on the world map is undoubtedly worth adding to your list of future trips.

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