Self Love Is The Most Important Kind Of Love

I will not pretend this year was easy and enjoyable for me. There were a lot of lessons and experiences I’ve been going through. Honestly, It was the most challenging year so far which made me feel completely lost and disoriented. I felt like I no longer knew who I am so I continued to put pressure on myself, compare myself with others, and try to match media’s standards. It took me longer than expected to find myself and my direction again but now I am finally in the right way. I am here to share my thoughts with you and to show that life can be really magical, but also unfair, chaotic, and overwhelming. Nevertheless, this is what makes life so magical. In this post, I’d like to delve into such important subjects as self-love, self-acceptance, and gentleness with your soul.

We live in a scary social media world, which is constantly told us to “be better”. Be more successful, be smarter, be thinner, be more attractive – no matter what it is, just be better. The pressure to look or do better 24/7. It is tiring! The point is that social media make us stick to the same standards, whereas we are all different and unique with our own weaknesses and strengths. Unfortunately, today’s modern world with social media, magazines, and marketing pushing us into problems with accepting and loving ourselves. This destructive desire of comparing often leads to mental health issues because we tend to compare ourselves to the unrealistic artificial image that couldn’t be achieved in real life. Consequently where we’re at right now is not enough (and according to social media’s standards, it never will be). So maybe we should reject this absurd idea of being on top of everything and just trying to focus on loving ourselves and staying in balance? Self-love is a life-long journey and we will always continue to learn this science, but as long as we know our worth we are able to resist and ignore the pressures that are put on us in everyday life.

Let’s all take a deep breath and tell ourselves that we are good enough despite the fact that in this crazy world we’ll never please everyone! So we have to stop getting lost in trying to do so, otherwise, we’ll lose ourselves. Let’s be supportive, kind, and inspiring towards each other cuz we are all in this together.

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