A dreamy day in Venice

The city on the water, preserved from the V century, is a real miracle that I have always longed to see with my own eyes. Pompous and elegant Venice with its narrow streets, ancient palazzos, and endless bridges have been my dream destination for many years. And how happy I was when we finally bought tickets to this magical city for the middle of July. There was no better way to spend our summer vacation.

As soon as we stepped outside the central station and found ourselves in the heart of Venice, I was overcome by a feeling of incredible delight. I got into the scenery of my favorite movie ‘The Tourist’ and absolutely could not believe it. To tell the truth, it was the best day of my summer.

The magic of Venice is that every stone, every building here are imbued with history. That is so exciting, that it is even beyond the words. You don’t need to have a special route to get a flavor of the city. Here all roads lead to the square of San Marco, where the largest concentration of attractions is located.

We were struck by the scale and majesty of St. Mark’s Cathedral – a real masterpiece of Byzantine architecture. It has served as an inspiration for artists, musicians, writers, photographers – all creative natures with a fine sense of beauty. The ancient terracotta colors of the frescoes, the gold of the decoration glittering in the sun rays, and the spirit of true grandeur inspired Mademoiselle Chanel herself in the last century. By the way, you can find sculptures of winged lions on the square. This lion is considered to be a symbol of Saint Mark, the patron saint of Venice.

The Doge’s Palace looks no less pompous than St. Mark’s Cathedral. In the luxurious halls, you can see masterpieces of Italian painting, as well as admire the stunning decoration of walls, floors, and ceilings.

In general, Venice is beautiful absolutely everywhere. Moreover, if on tourist streets and squares you can encounter crowds of tourists, then, if you deviate a little to the side, you will not believe your eyes, as all of a sudden everybody disappears.

Thus, wandering through the labyrinths of Venice, we, without realizing it, walked almost the entire city, even getting a little lost at the end of the day. Suddenly arriving in the sparsely populated area of Castello, we spent several hours searching for the right way back, repeatedly running into dead ends, but at the same time discovering new, possibly secret corners of Venice. Once again, we are convinced that trusting your route to fate, rather than an electronic guide, is the best solution in any new city.

Wander through the winding streets, look for new routes, do not deny yourself the tastiest treats, look at the shop windows with masks, visit the galleries, and just have fun! Try to remember every moment spent in this Italian Paradise. And then Venice will give you much more than you can wish for.

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