Italian weekend: Bologna & Padua

Do you remember how 3 years ago I spoke with pure delight about my first visit to Italy? Since then, this amazing country has been firmly etched in my memory. I was frantically drawn there at every thought of a new journey. However, the desire to discover unknown places constantly prevailed and the return to Italy had to be postponed for an uncertain term. But I am so glad that this summer we finally landed again in the homeland of pizza and pasta, having spent an amazing week there, the memories of which will certainly warm me in the cool autumn and frosty winter.


This time we flew to Italy from Stockholm with a stopover in Vienna. It was more exhausting than I had thought. Therefore, from the airport of Bologna, we went straight to our apartment and did not leave it until the evening. Not only because we were tired from the road, but also because the heat on the streets was unbearable. And this was predictable because in Italy July is the hottest month. The next day without any haste we went to the center of Bologna for a walk, and in the evening we left for Padua. In my opinion, there is nothing to do in Bologna for more than one day.


What is nice about Italy is that the distance between cities is very short, and the nature and scenery on the road from one point to another are so beautiful that the view outside the window looks like one continuous movie. Thus, in just a few hours we got to the suburbs of Venice, where it was not so hot, but on the contrary, rainy and a little cloudy weather. We quickly found our apartment, which, by the way, was charming. The decision to stay in Padua, rather than in Venice itself, was not made by chance. Firstly, this city is also beautiful and deserves attention, and secondly, the cost of lodging in it is significantly lower. One trip from the Central station of Padua to the station of Venice – Santa Lucia, took us about 20 minutes, and if I remember correctly, the ticket cost 8 euros.

To explore Padua we set aside two days, which was more like a shopping tour than a classic sightseeing tour. In addition to wandering around the shops, we managed to see the Padua Cathedral, the Palazzo della Ragione, the Oratory of San Giorgio, and a couple of other iconic basilicas in the city. In general, Padua left a good impression on us. And the way we spent our evenings was unforgettable. Being on our last legs after a long day in the city, we came to our cozy room and prepared the most delicious salad in the world with arugula, olives, cherry tomatoes, and Italian cheese. Then, watching the soft sunset, we enjoyed a romantic meal and an Aperol on the terrace to the sound of cicadas and the chirping of birds. Isn’t this paradise?

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