Golden Hour in the Dunes

Last weekend together with Nikita we drove off into the small yet insanely beautiful desert, hoping to find a little piece of heaven away from the big city. We ended up shooting in the wild distant spot surrounded by sand and nothing more. Nikita and I both felt like we were in a scene of a movie; there wasn’t a sound to be heard, not a single person to run into. Just us, silence, and wind. Our lungs were taking in sweet, healing, countryside air. It seemed like we’d found our heaven!

We arrived at the location at about 4 p.m. and the sun was still high at that moment. Soon after, the evening came, blessing us with a magical warm sunset that looked just like a dream. We shot two rolls of film throughout the golden hour, however, the light quickly got down right after our we wrapped our shoot, and then we suddenly found ourselves at dusk in the middle of nowhere. For the next half hour, we were heading back to the car, wading through the sand in the dark. We were so tired but truly fulfilled. I guess It was one of the most memorable days of this summer,  for which I am so grateful to the universe.

Scroll down to see the scans we recently got back from the lab. I hope you enjoy these images as much as we do.

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  • oh wow!
    desert in summer extreamly cool choice!
    so lovely sunlight on films

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