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It’s hard to believe, but two beautiful autumn months are left behind. All this time I was trying to catch the atmosphere of the real golden autumn, enjoying the crispy yellow leaves under my feet, soft sunlight, and refreshing air. I think there is no better way to spend a warm October day than to get out on a picnic with a pleasant company. Together with Nikita and our friend Adeline, we decided to combine an autumn picnic with a photoshoot away from city noise. So we grabbed a cozy blanket, vegan pizza, tea, a couple of sweaters, and, of course, our favorite camera.

In this post, I share pictures we made that day and suggest you spend more time outdoors. It seems to me like everything is different in the countryside: the air is sweeter and the thoughts are clearer. In my mind, being surrounded by nature is the best way to relax, slow down, and get inspired.


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