Scandinavian summer

This June was amazing! We spent a whole month in provincial Sweden, away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, surrounded by extraordinary nature, in absolute harmony with ourselves and the world around us. Last year Scandinavia captured our hearts so much that we decided to return here again. But this time, not as much for exploring new points on the map, but as for a quiet rest of the soul and body, a mental reset and replenishment of creative energy.

Landing at the most remote airport in Stockholm, we did not stop in the city and went straight ahead to the already beloved Swedish hinterland of Motala. By the way, the country did not meet us with summer weather. Importunate rain, overcast sky, and only +10°C. But in fact, it all had a certain charm and fascinating atmosphere of the North.

The ride from the airport to our destination took us 2.5 hours by car. During this time, many landscapes changed outside the windows, from dense coniferous forests to blooming fields with lonely red houses visible in the distance. From time to time I fell asleep to the sound of rain drumming on the glass, but soon woke up for fear of missing something interesting. At that moment, I realized how much I had missed this amazing country and how much I had already fallen in love with it.

Well, and then followed a series of beautiful June days, evenings, and nights. I was busy with photography and cooking. When the weather was nice, I would get on my bike and race to the beach to meet the morning in silence, swim in the crystal-clear lake, and then read a couple of chapters of a new book. Sometimes it is very useful to forget about what wi-fi is, put aside all gadgets and listen to yourself…just sunbathe, swim, walk, eat delicious food, and enjoy peace and solitude. It really worked for me. As a result, this journey has changed me for the better in every sense.

The Swedish lifestyle based on Lagom philosophy helped me a lot to see positive changes in my mind and lifestyle. Its meaning is in maintaining the balance and equilibrium in everything. The word “Lagom” in Swedish means “sufficient”, “moderate”, “just right”. This concept manifests itself in all aspects of Swedish life: fashion, nutrition, relationships, work, recreation, home improvement, etc. Lagom is not a rejection of pleasure, but the ability to indulge in it in a moderate and balanced way. Lagom is a real art of living in harmony with yourself and the world around you, learning to give more and consume less.

Looking back on our trip, I can say one thing: that was one of the most peaceful and cozy trips that we have had in recent times.

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