It’s nice to meet you, whoever you are. My name is Polina Kovaleva, I am a film photographer, video director, blogger, and an adventurous traveler. My path initially began with painting, which I have been doing since my early childhood. After graduating from an Art college in my hometown, I decided to explore the world and try myself in different creative fields. This is where I truly fell in love with photography and filmmaking. Certainly, the love for fine arts will forever remain in my heart, however, creating digital content has become the main passion of my whole life.

For the last 5 years, I have been traveling to the most beautiful corners of the planet with Nikita – my boyfriend, creative partner, talented musician, and best friend all rolled into one. Our love was born in a spontaneous trip, which was the beginning of an incredible adventure that still continues. Finally, I started this blog to share everything I am going through and hopefully inspire others to take the chances they get, follow their dreams, see the beauty in everything, and just enjoy this amazing life.

If you are interested in cooperating with me or want to ask a question, write to hellopolly@yahoo.com